Sections in the App

Sections in the Bicycle Maintenance Guide App

Within the Bicycle Maintenance Guide app there are 5 sections which make it easy to navigate around the app and make it easy for content to be found. Below are the 5 sections of the app explained.


This part of the app includes professional photographs of each component on a bicycle which are annotated to illustrate what each part of a component does. By fully explaining what each part of a component does, this will give the user a full understanding of the components which will give them the confidence to adjust and maintain that part.


In this section of the app there are 31 videos which are presented by professional bike mechanic Chuck Buckley. The videos are informative and detailed and are on the most commonly seen bicycle faults in road cycling, mountain bike and recreational cycling. 

The videos are filmed and edited by a fellow cyclist in such a way that they are easy to watch whilst having a high attention to detail. 

Within the video section there are explanations of each job under the videos in the way of text and photographs so the user has the option to follow the videos or the text. If the user is new to cycling or has limited knowledge with repairing bicycles we recommend reading about the part in question in the components section first, this will give the user the knowledge to follow the explanations which are under the videos.


The diagnostic section of the app makes it easier for less knowledgeable riders to pin point the fault or problem that they are having with their bike and directs them to the solution. The solutions are presented in the form of videos so that they can be easily followed. By following the videos step by step, it gives the user the confidence to maintain their own bicycle.

Service Your Bike

In this section there are three detailed types of bike service. There is a weekly and monthly service that should be performed on the bike and a full service that should be carried out a few times a year depending on how often the bike is being ridden and the type of riding it is doing. 

At The Roadside

There are several videos in the "At The Roadside" section which cover the most common faults and bike repairs that would be needed at the roadside whilst out riding. The video's in this section vary from "How to replace an inner tube" to "How to deal with a snapped gear cable whilst out riding". 

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