“I have often struggled to comprehend the need for carrying a smartphone while out cycling. Yes, I have been told several times just how convenient it would be were I to suffer a mechanical malfeasance and have need of calling for assistance. But, I have replied, I have been riding in the principality for nigh on 31 years without recourse to aid from Apple or Samsung and it is a salient fact that there are still many areas of the island in which it is impossible to connect to a mobile network.

However, just when I thought I’d built an ironclad case, transferable amongst my fellow pelotonese, Ian Pugh happens along with the bicycle maintenance guide app for the iPhone (an android version is in the works) at the miserly price of only £4.99. This well-designed piece of software for iOS devices offers a remarkably comprehensive guide on how to maintain or repair your bicycle. It's split into sections featuring professionally filmed how to videos, an illustrated explanation of a bicycle's principal components, a servicing guide covering, weekly, monthly and full-service instructions, a diagnostics section to help you figure out what that strange creaking noise might be and the very reason you might wish to take your phone with you, a section on roadside repairs.”

NorthernCyclist - AppStore


“Purchased the app after seeing it being launched on Facebook.
Have seen a few bike repair apps before and haven’t been impressed however this one is really good. All the repairs are clear to follow and the kiwi bike mechanic is very good and precise.
Thanks for a great app, I’ll be sure to recommend it.”

R Livingston - Google Playstore

Fantastic app! Perfect for anyone who rides a bike and may wish to fix it. This app covers everything from adjusting brakes to adjusting the indices of a derailleur. This is BY FAR the best bicycle app available.

Eric Wilcock - Google Playstore

Very good and easy to use app, explained by a top level race mechanic, highly recommended, anyone's best friend in any workshop., step by step guide on every aspectog cycle maintenance.

Mitchell1219 - AppStore


“I downloaded the app after reading a good review by a cycling blogger. I’m really impressed especially with the roadside section. I definitely feel more confident going out on my own knowing I could fix my bike if it breaks”

Matthew Nelson - Google Playstore

What a fantastic app. It explains everything you could possibly need to know to keep your bike well maintained as well as how to fix your bike at the roadside. The videos are also clear and easy to follow.

Stephen Knowles - Google Playstore

I have found this app to be very useful to help me prep for my services and it has definitely helped me to understand the mechanisms within my bike better with the videos. A great app.

Jake Jones - Google Playstore

Just what I was looking for! All the information I need to maintain and repair my bicycle in one stylish and easy to use app. No more spending wasted time scrolling through poorly executed youtube videos.

RJP85 - AppStore


“The quality of the videos are great and the presenter gives you the right amount of information to do the repairs. I also like the links through to purchase the tools required.”

Anton17 - AppStore

"As an amateur cyclist with basic knowledge on how to repair/fix and problems on the road, this app is perfect! With step by step videos and advice from a mechanic at the touch of a finger, at £4.99 it's a no brainer and something thats been missing, thank you!"

Paz8944 - AppStore

"I've had a MTB for a few years now and can do routine work however, this has helped me expand the range of service items and repairs that I can carry out. Perfect for the beginner or more experienced rider"

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