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The Bicycle Maintenance Guide app is organised into five main sections.

Read about each section below.

Bicycle Maintenance Repairs

This section of the app is packing with content showing how to complete maintenance tasks and repairs on your bike.

This section covers everything from replacing an innertube to servicing suspension forks.

All the content, including the videos, is provided by our two world class mechanics.

Bicycle Maintenance Components

This part of the app includes photographs of each component on a bicycle which are annotated to illustrate what each part of a component does.

Fully explaining what each part of a component does, gives the user a full understanding of the component, taking the mystery out of it. This will give the user the confidence to adjust and maintain that part.

Bicycle Maintenance Service

This section of the app details the different types of bike services and what is included in each service.

Within each service there are hyperlinks which will take the user to a video showing them how to complete that part of the service.

What's wrong with your bike

This section of the app makes it easier for less mechanically experienced riders to pin point the fault or problem that they are having with their bike and directs them to the solution.

The solutions are presented in the form of videos so that they can be easily followed.

Roadside Bicycle Repairs
At The Roadside

There are several videos in the "At The Roadside" section which cover the most common faults and bike repairs that would be needed at the roadside whilst out riding.

The video's in this section vary from "How to replace an innertube" to "How to deal with a snapped gear cable".

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