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The Bicycle Maintenance Guide app has everything you need and more to maintain and repair your bike.
All things road bikes, MTB’s, gravel bikes, hybrids and E-bikes are covered.
The app is made up of 60 videos containing over 7.5 hours of footage, 180+ images, over 130 sections and 50,000 words.
The Bicycle Maintenance Guide app is a complete guide to bicycle repairs, shown and instructed by two world class bike mechanics, Chuck Buckley and Mike Rawson.
Chuck was the Head Mechanic of a UK Pro Team, Madison Genesis, and now runs his own bike shop in Auckland, New Zealand. 
Mike Rawson was Team GB’s Bike Mechanic for 7 years, in which time he covered the Rio Olympics, World Championships and many European stage races. He is now a Senior Technician at a high end bicycle company. 
For the price of a pint of beer or a mid-ride coffee you could have a complete bike repair guide accompanying you in your pocket everywhere you go.
The majority of the content in the app is accessible with no internet connection. Meaning, even if you’re out in the sticks with no internet connection, you can use the app to fix your bike and get you home or to the nearest bike shop.
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Tools Used in the Bicycle Maintenance Guide app
Tools Used in the Bicycle Maintenance Guide App

Here's a list of all the tools that can be seen in the app

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