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About Us

With the Bicycle Maintenance Guide being made up of 36 videos containing over 4 hours of footage, 100+ images, over 80 sections and 25,000 words, it has everything you need and more to maintain and repair your bike.

The Bicycle Maintenance Guide app is a complete guide to bicycle repairs, shown and instructed by the Head Bike Mechanic of a UK professional cycling team, Kiwi, Chuck Buckley.

The app provides as easy way to navigate to a specific fault or repair on your bicycle. The videos are made by a current professional bicycle mechanic to ensure the material is accurate, informative and relevant.

The videos within the app are professionally filmed and edited in such a way that they are interesting, whilst being highly informative and with a high level of attention to detail.

The purpose of this app is to give you the user the knowledge and confidence to maintain your own bicycle. For the price of a London pint or couple of mid-ride coffees you could have a complete bike repair guide accompanying you in your pocket everywhere you go, helping you to limit those expensive trips to the bike shop.